The restaurant of our farm is in harmony with the land, which follows a seasonal and a traditional manufacturing to rediscover the traditional flavors and recipes peasant. Guests can receive a warm welcome and be catapulted back in time with the aromas, flavors and sensations of yesteryear.

Open from Thursday to Sunday, with possibility to organize banquets, weddings, business lunches and dinners. The specialty is the spit of meat mixed with fried “polenta”. The menu is closely tied to seasonal products of the area and with a domestic production of meat from poultry, cattle and pigs, and an area of 14 hectares of land that allows the cultivation and production of cereals and vegetables.

We offer to our customers a healthy, well-cared ambient with the comfort of home to combine relaxation and functionality. Our property is ideal for a simple day out of town with friends or to organize the best day of your life. Our bistro style restaurant is open from Thursday to Sunday.

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